At the same time, as early as the 18th century, Chinese emperors

and dignitaries had already collected Pierre Jacques Delo's masterpieces as the first

famous brand in the West to open the Forbidden City. Jacques Delo

had close trade relations with the Qing Dynasty. Digital 8 had always

been a good omen of wealth in China, especially in the southern

coastal trading port cities, and the eight words on Jacques Delo's watch

plate were exactly the same. It fits this point well. To a

certain extent, it is in line with Chinese culture. Jacques Delo's 8-character

Needle Collection is undoubtedly the best choice for the New Year's Spring

Festival gift. Nowadays, Jacques Delo does not inherit and innovate. He applies

the concepts of the two places to the iconic Needle Collection brand,

which specially develops a Deadstock core for this purpose, so that the

upper dial can show the local place. Time, at the same time,

based on the eccentric second Needle disk of 6 o'clock Position, a

second time display disk is added to show the reference time and

elegant and slender second Needle is not lost. Every minute, Revolve circle

craftsmen adhere to the aesthetic concept of the brand, presenting a classical

and exquisite layout design. The upper dial uses the Roman numeric time

scale, while the lower dial uses the Arabic numeric time scale. A

complex function is added to the wristwatch, that is, the date is

displayed by Red Needle, and the unique and delicate Silhouette of Jacques

Drog makes it clear and pleasant in the compact space of the

dial. For Jacques Drog, the aesthetic pursuit and practicality as well as

the excellent technique are parallel to Jacques Performance for the sake of

improving the clarity of reading time. Large second Needle is precise and

reliable in Delo and is equipped with warm Ivorykiss Daming enamel dial

for Ivorykiss enamel dial. It is presented to Ivorykiss who knows how

to cherish the festive reunion time wherever he is. Big second Needle

GRANDE SECONDE DUAL TIME IVORY ENAMEL J01200 Double-Layer Ivorykiss Daming Fire enamel

dial at 6 K Position The Needle Collection watches with big second

Needle, Reference time and Needle date show the power storage of the

automatic up-link machine core about 65 hours and 43 millimeters in diameter

have always been the source of inspiration for Jacques de Rolla Shade

Fang Watch Factory. In the process of inheritance and innovation, Jacques Delo's

craftsmen ingeniously differentiate this aesthetic design and slightly shift the second Needle

disk to the second Needle disk. The 7 o'clock Position and the

eccentric large-second Needle, for the first time equipped with a precision steel

case with a diameter of 43 mm, highlights the charm of the

Black dial. Jacques Drog's eccentric large-second Needle uses a carefully cut and

polishing agate dial with deep and mysterious charm. Meanwhile, Jacques Drog's master

craftsmen will mark the implicit and elegant time scale directly at the

intersection. The 18K platinum inner ring of the time-division display disc and

the second Needle disc in the shape of the legendary figure 8

makes the magnificent gloss of the Metal mirror more beautiful than the

heavy glow of the agate dial. The evolution of the delicate design

of the three-dimensional edge and the circle of the agate eccentric large

second Needle shows that Jacques Delo does not reinterpret the brand legend.

Works, achieve the extraordinary courage of the brand reputation. At the beginning

of the coming New Year, Jacques Delo wishes you a brand-new time

with this ingenious work. Good luck for you, year after year, agate

eccentric big second Needle GRANDE SECONDE OFF-CENTERED ONYX J0060270 agate dial, 18K

platinum three-dimensional watch ring precision steel case automatic chord machine core power

Storage about 68 hours in diameter 43 mm.